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mother tongue
No matter how well you master a foreign language, you never learn to speak and write it at the same high level as a trained native speaker. This is why I use the mother-tongue principle for my translations: I translate from various languages, but always and only into Dutch.

expert knowledge
I am specialised in a number of fields. I have many years of experience in these fields and I posess the necessary expert knowledge, glossaries and translation memories. If I am offered a translation in a different field, I will always ask to see the text first. If I do not feel confident enough about the subject, I will not accept the translation.

It goes without saying that no translation is delivered without having been spell-checked first. But an automatic spellchecker does not find all the mistakes in a text. Therefore, all translations are fully proofread at least once by myself. If necessary, I will also have the translation checked by a fellow translator and/or a subject specialist.